The following statements are the company purposes and enhance the philosophy stands behind the establishment of the company; 

Corporate Values;
  • To develop high quality and technological solutions for special customer demands.
  • To meet the customer demands in terms of fast, correct and timeless responses.
  • To track innovations, scientific researches and technology,
  • To accept  the customer as the partner and support them with technical trainings,
  • To differentiate from competitors by education the staffs, and keeping them under continuos training,
  • To create a powerful,reliable,benefical,safe and respectful company for humanity and enviroment  by accepting institutional values,
  • In order to reach the goals defined above, the followings are the institutional values of the company; 
  • Customer oriented products and services,
  • Open minded and  being aware of human resources,
  • Sensitive and respectful company for Turkey, humanity and enviroment,
  • Accepting the scientific and technical developments as vital for the company,
  • Accepting the raw material and service suppliers as a partner,
  • Being responsible and conscious for the consequences of the products,
  • Easily reachable  and open to communication, 
  • Through interaction with universities, graduate and doctoral students  by educating, the market supply of qualified personel.


Determined to create a corporate culture which is aware of the company to achieve the goals adopted the following values. 

Corporate Values;
  • World-wide innovations in science and technology seeing as the source of life, 'famous to a company.