Triluboil Synt GMP-EP 6-320
Triluboil Synt GMP-EP 6 – 320 is high viscosity, synthetic (100% PAO), high performance, multipurpose, heavy duty industrial gear oil, enhanced with Extreme Pressure and other special additives.
May operate between the temperatures –25 °C  and 130 °C (according to the viscosity values), showing long term high performance by not deteriorating the chemical and thermal stability.
ISO VG 320 : Approx. between . -25 °C …   130 °C
P.S. :  Should not be mixed with Polyglycole based oils!
  • High ratio/low efficiency worm gears where life time oil is demanded.
  • In gear boxes especially where there are difficulties in changing the oil or to the points of reach.
  • All industrial gears where there is spur, helix, cone and worm gear mechanisms.
  • Central lubrication of roller bearings
  • Actuating groups in railways with alternating current.
  • In marine centrifugal applications where heavy conditions exist.
  • Thanks to its high quality anti wear additives and its capability to lubricate under heavy conditions provides extra protection for fatigue, pitting, scuffing, scoring and wear due to corrosion of the gear systems. Thus extends the oil change intervals.
  • Reduces residue for longer filter life and malfunction-free operations.
  • Protects the equipment, extends its life and service period. 
  • Due to its good water and air separation property, even in hydraulic systems with heavy conditions, does safe lubrication and power transfer.
  • With its anti-foam capability provides long term and effective lubrication.
PACKAGES : 20 L, 200 L


Triluboil Synth GMP-EP 6-320
ISO VG DIN 51519 320
Density  ( 20 °C ) gr/ml, DIN 51575   0.873
Kinematic Viscosity ( 40 °C )  mm2/sec, DIN51562/1  320
Viscosity Index, DIN ISO 2909  123
Copper Corrosion Test, DIN 51820 ,  t = 3 h; T = 100 °C  1 b
Rust test, ASTM D 665 B Ok
Flash Point, ASTM D 92, °C   260 >
Pour Point  (°C) , DIN ISO 3016  < -25
Demulgier Capacity, ASTM D 1401, Oil - water emulsion (ml), 
mixing time ( mn. )
Foaming test,ASTM D 852,  24 / 93,5 °C 10 / 0


(*) given values are typical and may vary in production.
Warning: The explanations and technical values in this document are general data which are obtained by research and experience. Our company  do not accept any responsibility in case of any damage caused by wrong application of lubricants or wrong lubricant choice. Please consult technical experts for the right choice of lubricant and application.