Trilubgrease BXC–EP 891-380
Trilubgrease  BXC-EP 891-380  is a high performance Barium complex grease produced with mineral base oil and  EP additives for heavy conditions.  It is resistant to water and vapor. 
Shows long life performance even under shock, variable vibrational loads with water between the operating temperatures –20 and140 °C
  • In iron-steel industry, bearings and moving beds which work under vibration, shock load and high temperature with middle and high rpm.
  • Automotive, paper, mining, cement, agriculturalmachinery and construction equipment industries,
  • Moving band conveyor beds working under heavy conditions.
  • Crane mechanisms,
  • Suitable for marine applications.
  • Thanks to Extreme Pressure (EP) additives it shows high performance even under heavy loads and high temperatures.
  • Damps vibration and shock load, decreases friction and wear.
  • Protection for bearings under heavy conditions, water, and mud. Also provides leakproof.
  • Excellent protection from corrosion and oxidation.
  • By increasing service life of bearings it decreases maintenance costs. Low consumption rate.
  • Due to its NLGI stability Trilubgrease BXC-EP 891-380 can be used in central lubrication system without any problem.
PACKAGES : 16 Kg, 180 Kg


Trilubgrease BXC - EP Standart 891 - 380
NLGI DIN 51818 1
Color   Dark Brown 
Base Oil   Mineral
Soap Type    Barium Complex
Worked penetration 60 ST, 25 °C  ASTM D 217 310 – 340
Density  20 °C , g/cm3 DIN 51757 ~ 0,92
Base Oil viscosity, 40 °oC  mm2/sec  ISO VG 380
Soap Amount [ % Weight ]    33 - 35
Dropping Point, [°C] DIN ISO 2176 > 215
Oil seperation amount [ % Weight ] , 40 °C , 42 h 
IP 121 4, 0 Max.
Copper Corrosion,  24 h/100 °C DIN 51811 Max. 1 b
Timken OK Load (lbs) ASTM D2509-68 12
 Shell 4 ball test , Weld load (kg) ASTM D 2596 > 800
Shell 4 ball test. Wear – Scar diameter (mm) 1800 rpm, 60kg,      60 sec, 25 °C. IP 239 0,52
Antioxidant property 100C, 100 hrs. Reduction in pressure(kg/cm3)   0,25
Speed factor( nxdm)    400.000


(*) given values are typical and may vary in production.
Warning: The explanations and technical values in this document are general data which are obtained by research and experience. Our company  do not accept any responsibility in case of any damage caused by wrong application of lubricants or wrong lubricant choice. Please consult technical experts for the right choice of lubricant and application.