Triluboil Comp 9-46
Triluboil Comp 9-46 is air compressor oil formulated to conform the demands of manufacturers for high performance lubrication of piston and rotary compressors. It is produced by high quality refined mineral oil and high performance ash less additive technology. It provides unique equipment protection for compressors working under medium and heavy conditions, minimizing the residue forming.. Performs above DIN 51506 VD-L the standards.
  • Single or multi stage air compressors,
  • Cylinders and sump of piston air compressor.
  • Vane type compressor,
  • Screw compressor
  • Axial and centrifugal compressor
  • Compressor systems having critical gear and bearing.
  • Low viscosity oils are generally used in rotary compressors.
  • Increases the valve performance thanks to  low ash and carbon. Provides low residue, thus high performance.
  • Oxidation and thermal stability provides long changing intervals (approx. 4000 hrs), extends filter life and low cost maintenance.
  • Effective protection against rust and corrosion on the whole metal surfaces, gears, screws, bearings and sensitive metal parts.
  • Reduces the segment, cylinder and gear wearing by its high load carrying capacity.
  • Separation from water helps to have less moving to equipment, reduces residue in exit channels and sumps, reduces slump and blockage.. Emulsion possibility is minimized.
PACKAGES : 17 L, 200 L


Triluboil Comp 9-46
ISO VG DIN 51519 46
Density  ( 20 °C ) gr/ml, DIN 51575  0,869
Kinematic Viscosity ( 40 °C )  mm2/sec, DIN51562/1  44,77
Kinematic Viscosity, DIN 51561, 100 °C  , mm2/sec 6,55
Viscosity Index, DIN ISO 2909  97,87
Copper Corrosion Test, DIN 51820,   t = 3 h; T = 100 °C  1 b
Rust test, ASTM D 665 B Ok
Flash Point, DIN ISO 2592, ASTM D 92, °C   200 Min.
Pour Point  ( °C) , DIN ISO 3016  -16
Foaming test,  ASTM D 852, 24 / 93,5 °C 5 / 0 - 10 / 0


(*) given values are typical and may vary in production.
Warning: The explanations and technical values in this document are general data which are obtained by research and experience. Our company  do not accept any responsibility in case of any damage caused by wrong application of lubricants or wrong lubricant choice. Please consult technical experts for the right choice of lubricant and application.