Trilub Solv TXW
For cleaning textile machineries’ (knitting,tricot,sock) high rpm/ speed needles and plates, needle bed cylinders, platinum and it’s platforms extending general maintenance periods. 
Protect machinery when Trilub Solv TXW used for cleaning protective lubricants and machinery warming up.
It is recommmended to clean all machinery and lubrication system with these solvents especially before applying Trilub Textile lubricants.
Produced with mineral base oil, paraffinic hydrocarbonates and special additives. Besides having high capacity to clean, it forms a thin layer on pieces to contribute on lubrication.
Product does not contain chlorine solvents. 
  • Trilub Solv  TXW solvents can be applied with automatic lubrication system, as well as manually with spray or oil can. It must be applied when machine is not working and wait for a while. Later machinery must be started with low rpm. This process countinues until cleaning process is over.
  • In case the solvents are to be applied with automatic lubrication system, lubricator must be filled with enough solvent and work with low rpm (< 5 rpm) for a while. After cleaning process is completed, lubricator can be filled with Trilub TXW lubricants and normal production process can be started. 
  • For each range of Trilub textile lubricant, it’s range of solvent is used.
  • For Trilub TX and TXW, Trilub Solv TXW is suitable. 
PACKAGES: 17 L, 60 L, 200 L


Trilub Solv TXW
Application place Knitting machines
Base Oil Synthetic Oil
Color Clorless, clear
pH Neutral
Kinematic Viscosity ( 40 °C )  mm2/sec, DIN51562/1  12
Flash Point, ASTM D 92, °C   130
Copper Corrosion Test, DIN 51820 , t = 3 h; T = 100 oC  1a


(*) given values are typical and may vary in production.
Warning: The explanations and technical values in this document are general data which are obtained by research and experience. Our company  do not accept any responsibility in case of any damage caused by wrong application of lubricants or wrong lubricant choice. Please consult technical experts for the right choice of lubricant and application.