Trilub TX 32
Trilub 32 is PLATINUM and NEEDLE lubricants produced with high quality, refined, mineral oil, emulgator and additives which improves capability of lubricant developed for high temperature and high speed knitting machinery parts.
Trilub TX 32 can be washed away from fabrics easily and decomposed biologically. It is light yellow colored. Can be applied to fabrics including spandex fiber.
High temperature and high speed knitting machinery parts,  needle and plates, needle cylinder bed and plates, platinum and platinum tray lubrication.
Before applying Trilub TX, lubricating system and storage must be cleaned. For cleaning process it is advised to use Trilub Solv TXW. Different brands and oils with different characteristics must not be mixed.
Oil level in the system must be checked regularly, if necessary oil should be added.
  • Possesses high anti- wear characteristic. Decreases friction by forming a thin homogeneous surface on lubricated components.. 
  • Prevents corrosion and oxidation perfectly. 
  • Decreases heat during work and avoids heat forming.
  • Thanks to its high viscosity index, it minimizes viscosity changes during temperature shifts and keeps the oil properties for a long period. 
  • By it’s outstanding cleaning properties, keeps the machine and its parts clean providing production efficiency and quality.
  • Excellent ability to be cleaned, oil stains on fabric can be washed very easily, with various kinds of detergents.
  • Absorbs sound and vibration to ensure a noise free work area.
PACKAGES : 17 L, 60 L, 200 L


Trilub TX 32
Base Oil Mineral
Color  - Appearance  Yellow / Clear
Kinematic Viscosity ( 40 °C )  mm2/sec, DIN51562/1  32
Kinematic Viscosity ( 100 °C ) mm2/sn, DIN51562/1 5 – 5,8
Flash Point, DIN ISO 2592, ASTM D 92, °C   210 >
Pour Point  ( °C) , DIN ISO 3016  < -15
Density  ( 20 °C ) gr/ml,  DIN 51575   872
Corrosion resistance, DIN ISO11659-1  No oxidation
Breaking Index ( 20 °C ), DIN 51423-2 1,4780 – 1,4800
Emulsion 1:1 ( ~ 2 h ) Dist. water  White Milk
Vibration - Friction test  
( b/400, N/70 oC,1 h ) < 0,1
Friction coefficient < 0,6
Friction track Wk (mm) < 0,6
Loading capacity  ( N ) > 1200
Washing test  
80 °C / 30 min. Totally-5
65 oC / 30 min. Good - 3
Machine Thickness  =  needle quantity / 1 inch 22 - 18


(*) given values are typical and may vary in production.
Warning: The explanations and technical values in this document are general data which are obtained by research and experience. Our company  do not accept any responsibility in case of any damage caused by wrong application of lubricants or wrong lubricant choice. Please consult technical experts for the right choice of lubricant and application.